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MONDAY 5th September 2011.


1.     Apologies. Welcome.


Cllr Dipak.


2.     Andrew Mcluskey report re.LDF Framework.


AM gave overview of the gravel situation. We are entering the second phase of Consultation and thus should make a stand. The Consultation period ends in October.

Victor Agwal (VA) spoke about Surrey CC attitude to gravel which was in favour.

John Lear (JL) raised the matter or Morris acting illegally and no action having been taken.

Suggestion from thr floor to make use of the Press when things occur.


3.     Farm Way update.


Kathleen Croft (KC) explained the meeting with Mr Beckford ( Spelthorne Planning Enforcement Officer ). Mr Beckford explained the a possible way forward would be to use the Fishery entry in Hithermoor Road.


Kevin Flurry (KF) Suggested pressing Spelthorne to protect the Green Belt.


VA Mentioned that the Residents Human Rights may be being affected and that he could put this question to the next Spelthorne meeting on 14 September.


4.     Horton Road Junction report.


KC reported that in the next couple of weeks new signs should be in place.


5.     Website progress. stanwellmoorresidentsassociation.co.uk


KC. Any suggestions of what to include most welcome.


6.     AOB.


Tree in ditch in Hithermoor Road, having been there for some years. JL has had dealing with Spelthorne and Surrey over this matter.


Horse manure outside house by shops in Horton Road.


Parking by Vermeulens

VA yellow lines are on list to be done. UCL are problematic neighbours.


VA Library in Stanwell is NOT on the list to save and thus residents should support the library by taking books out to try and save it.


JL The Hope PH is due to be knocked down and built upon.


KC Winter hanging baskets.


Meeting ended at 9.35 pm



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