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Heathrow Airport

Meeting 7th November Print E-mail

Minutes of Meeting 7th November 2011.

1. Apologies . Pauline Johnston ; Vivian Pownley ; Kevin Flurry ( Invited guest.)

2. Andrew Mcluskey (AM) report on LDF Framework etc.

AM spoke first of the noise trials by BAA and handed out a leaflet from HACAN. Marion Rough ( MR ) Councillor, reported that the leaflet was misleading. MR spoke in favour of the new scheme proposed by BAA as in her view, having worked in the Airline Industry, it is of benefit.

AM spoke about the gravel situation, George VI has been passed, he pointed out that the Village would be surrounded by gravel works. Viictor Agwal (VA) explained that Surrey County Council only has two Enforcement Officers and their workload was large, but nevertheless it was important to keep an eye on the practices that the gravel works were undertaking to ensure they were abiding by their licences. Kathleen Croft (KC) Chair of SMRA explained that John Lear (JL) was the gravel Czar for the village and would continue his good work in monitoring the situation.

AM then spoke about the new Health Centre in Stanwell and reported that he had asked two questions  1. Why had it been sold for the second time and 2. Under what terms. These he had addressed to Mr Tambini who had replied that he did now know why it had been sold but that the doctors would have a 25 year lease. MR said that AM was absolutely wrong in all that he had reported about the Health Centre. AM continued to explain that Mr Tambini had said that he would arrange for senior staff to hold a public meeting to discuss the matter.

3. Colin Brindley (CB) was not at the meeting and no response had yet been received from the Council regarding his last letter.

4. KC reported that the new web-site was now up and running.

5. BAA flight trials had been discussed. On the new web-site there is an opportunity to respond directly to BAA.

6. JL spoke about Lower Mill Farm , that he had spoken to Gerry Beckford 3 times on the matter. Surprised that an injunction had not been taken out. S&S Hydrolics have to work under an "O" licence, however they appear not to have one. Oakleaf Farm still breaking conditions imposed on them. The Environment Agency will inspect in November and report to JL in December. Accumulations of mud on the road are occurring by Morris's.

7. The AGM is on Monday January 9th for Residents only at which there will be refreshments.

8. VP raised through KC the matter of the pathway from" Kestral " to Vermeulens being covered by which marble dust which was also blocking the drains. VA will look into the matter. Taxi drivers were also leaving litter.

Jackie Webb (JW) raised Spout Lane which is in a mess, JL said the ditches are a problem and that a JCB was due to have been sent to carry out work but they have not yet appeared.

KC pointed out that trees and foliage have all been cut down from the roundabout at J14. VA not sure if it is Surrey or Highways. The  traffic lights at the roundabout at end of Airport way have been failing for near on 3 months.

The tree in Hithermoor is still in the ditch. JL has been on to the Council but still awaiting action.

VA spoke about UCH who are very bad corporate neighbours, and the fact that they have applied for an increase in movements, asking for 24 vehicles and 10 trailers in total. VA has spoken against the increase. He reported that Yvonne Walsh ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) who is the Transport person at the Surrey County Council has agreed to be contacted by any resident who wishes to make a complaint about UCH.

VA siad that yellow lines at end of Hithermoor road / Stanwell Moor road have not yet happened and may have to wait until next years budget.

VA reported that the no u-turn sign was being discussed.


Meeting ended at 9.25pm.

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