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Heathrow Airport

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UCL Logistics.

If you have any concerns about the firm regarding parking in Horton road you may send your views to the following e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it who will look into the matter.



Tree in stream in Hithermoor road.

Since 2009 a fallen tree has been causing a blight in the stream. Residents had done their best to have it removed with no success. Finally at a meeting of the Residents Association it was mentioned and SMRA swung into action. Thursday 5th January saw its removal and the stream returned to its past glory. Another victory for SMRA and the residents of the village.



Traffic lights.

For some three months the traffic lights at the roundabout from Airport Way / Heathorw entry have been out of order. The reason for this is due to a lack of electricity supply. Highways have now agreed to install a generator to deal with the problem, however a concrete base has to be laid first, and allowed to set, before the generator is emplaced and then the lights phased. This work should be carried out this week. We will of course be monitoring the situation.

The latest news as of 23rd January is that there are still technical problems !! The main reason is that there is a voltage drop from 240v to 205v between 4.45pm and 6.00am. The power company Scottish & Southern are aware and are due to replace the mains cable, however it emerges that the work may take up to three months to complete. Meanwhile it has now been agreed to install a temporary system that will raise the voltage from 205v to 240v which will get the lights working whilst the mains problem is being resolved.

Well, it now seems that the traffic lights are working, we shall keep watching !


Trees and foliage decimated.

The trees and foliage on either side of Horton road just as you enter the Village from the roundabout form M25 have been cut away leaving an open expanse. We are currently looking into the matter to discover what the purpose is.

We have heard that the reason for this action was because the drivers of HGV vehicles could not see where they were going and thus Bretts had all the trees and vegetation removed. What are your thoughts on the matter ?

We have now heard from Ann Woods Countryside Access Officer NW Surrey who writes :-


"I can understand your members' frustration, but  the extensive clearance was required as part of the highway works to the junction in order to ensure that appropriate forward visibility is provided, particularly as the form of the junction has changed from that which has historically been in place. This land is actually highway land and in reality should be kept clear of vegetation at all times as part of SCC’s maintenance strategy, though it appears this has not been done for some years which is why the trees and shrubs managed to grow so extensively. The vegetation clearance didn’t take place at the same time as the works to the junction because of the bird nesting season, which is now finished.

However, I am passing your comments on to our Parking Strategy & Implementation Group for their attention.  Hopefully someone from that team will contact you, but please do not hesitate to come back to me if  I can be of further assistance.

Summer 2011


SMRA AGM for 2011 held on Monday 9th January 2012.

At the AGM the Officers were re-elected unanimously.

The Chair gave a report on the works of SMRA during the past year and the success it had achieved. Thanks were given to all those who had helped. Following the AGM refreshments were served. The works of SMRA can be found on the Concerns page.

A report of the Village HAll had been prepared by Martine McCaffrey.

Herewith a report of the Village Hall prepared for the AGM :-




Over the past year the Village Hall has gone from strength to strength
and has become a viable venue for all types of bookings.

We have regular weekly bookings, to include:


In the Hall
Hidden Treasures

Martial Arts

Community Coffee Mornings
Family Church Service

In the Car Park
Fish & Chip Van


All of these bookings are very successful and supported by local

Last year, we had many bookings for Family parties, Children's Birthday
, Wedding Receptions and Wakes. And, since the New Year, we
have had many 'phone calls from hirers that want to use the Hall again
having held a 'successful' party last year
. We are also getting at lot of
new enquiries and subsequent bookings

As a Committee we organised and held a Royal Wedding Tea Party, a
Halloween Party, a have Tea with Santa Party and a New Year's Eve Party
which raised funds towards the upkeep of the Hall
. All events were
ful and made a profit.

This year we are actively seeking new weekday bookings for the Hall. We
have already had a positive response from our enquiries and will shortly
be start
ing a Glee Club (singing and dancing) for children, Dance classes
for children and Line Dancing for adults. We have discussed this with
lots of local Residents and are assured that these will be popular and
regularly attended.

The Committee are keen to build on the popularity of the Hall by making
further improvements. The Hall was painted internally 18 months ago but
the plan is to re-paint this year. Voluntary Action in Spelthorne have
volunteers who will undertake the painting and we are approaching
another charity for the supply of paint. We are going to apply for grants
to make other improvements, such as:

- Refurbishment of the Ladies and Gents Toilets (although some remedial
work has already been carried out)

- Modernisation of the Kitchen

- Resurfacing the Car Park

- Improved outside lighting and security

- Updated central heating system

- New external signage

On our behalf, Hidden Treasure have successfully obtained funding from
BAA for an external play-area which will provide a secure area for
children to play in and will include low-level fencing, a sheltered area and

Work is in progress to create a website for the Village Hall which will
feature conditions of hire, hire charges, venue suggestions, venue details,

Our' work' as a Committee is on-going and challenging but we are all
committed to making the Village Hall a success and profitable.


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