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Meeting held on 14 May 2012 Print E-mail

Minutes of meeting held on 14 May 2012.

Apologies from Kevin Flurry.

1. Gravel. Andrew McClusky (AM) spoke about the three sites Hithermoor ( Bretts);Oakleaf Farm (Charlie Morris);Stanwell Quarry. At the recent Inquiry the first two sites did not come up for discussion. Hithermoor had received planning permission. AM had tabled a question with regard to this but it was disallowed. There is a further meeting in August thus there is the possibility for further action at that meeting. Victor Agwal (VA) commented that it was a good thing that AM and John Lear (JL) had taken this matter on and to try and and keep and eye on and mitigate against negative impact on the Village.

JL spoke about Oakleaf Farm and the legal position

with regard to documents signed. He also spoke about

asbestos and the work being carried out on Bretts land

as there is a danger that the land which had asbestos

dumped could resurface with the works currently

going on.

Both AM and JL will be putting forward questions at

meeting in July.

2. Yellow Lines. Nicholas Murphy (NM) explained the current position. A roadsweeper from Spelthorne is being sought to prepare the curb prior to the painting. Martine McCaffrey (MM) had suggested that the provision for parking be given at the Village Hall car park.

3. The Council in the last magazine has asked groups for thoughts on flooding.

4. The Classified ads section is now up and running on the website.

5. Farm Way. There was concern expressed by one of the residents of Farm Way that objections had been made about the building works on site. Discussion about what was proposed took place.

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