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AGM 8th January 2013 Print E-mail


 Chair Report given at AGM Tuesday 8th January 2013. 


1. We have reduced the number of meetings to bi-monthly.

2.We have worked on the web-site to include many itens of information and interest for those living on the Moor.

3.We managed to get the Roundabout sorted out after much hard work and phone calls to different organisations.

4. We got the traffic lights sorted out, again chasing different departments. Kath Baker did a great deal to get the problem resolved.

5.We were approached by Sharndeep Dev who hopes to open a Pharmacy on the Moor. We have given him our support and will see how things develop.

6.SMRA attended Spelthorne Together which is held each year at Kempton Park Racecourse, contacts are made and information gathered which can be useful to Residents. SOme information has been included on the web-site.

7.We attend Local Focus FOrum, which is run by Heathrow Airport, to keep abrest of developments.

8.We joined HACAN and hope that this will be of help in our noise battle.

9.We took part in the Noise Monitoring programme which was set up by HACAN and UCL with financial support from the European Union. A number of residents were given monitoring devices and attended a meeting at the end of the trial.

10.Through the hard work of both John Lear and Andres McClusky we are kept informed of the overall gravel situation Oakleaf Farm/Bretts.

11.We managed, after much hard work to get the yellow lines finally painted by Vermullens. and now that part of the road is much safer.

12. Thanks to Brian Duckett for the work he does with the EA and the Stream.

13. MAny thanks for all who support the work of the Residents Association.


Following the report the Committee were re-elected unopposed.

The Financial statement is :-


£500 from Heathrow Airport

Total sum  £1,081


AGM (2012) £20.20

Environment (Stream) £69.40

HACAN £32.00

Bank statement as at 1st August 2012 £940.90 ( December statement not sent yet.) 


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