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Minutes of meeting.


AGM 2018.

9th January 2018.


There was a total of 19 people present at the meeting.


The Officers and Committee were re-elected for a further year.

The Committee are as follows :-


Brian Duckett.

Colin Brindley.

Viv Powney.

Nicholas Murphy.

Kathleen Croft.

Olwen Dowse.

Jo Rutter.

Daniella Seveina.


The Chair, Kathleen Croft then gave the report:-

There had been a Christmas Tree organised and provided by Robert Evans our County Councillor, followed by Mince Pies and Spiced Wine and soft drinks.

Planters had been provided by Richard Barratt and Sue Doran, two of our local Councillors and many people had spoken in a positive way. There had been some adverse comments.

At one of our meetings the local MP Kwasi Kwarteng had attended together with the Leader of the Council Ian Harvey and other Councillors.

Parking is still an on-going issue, signs had been put up and due to legal issues some had to be removed. Spelthorne should be providing some in the future.

Kestral is operating, they have to remove on 31st January.

Hustings for County Councillors had been held.

Meetings with Councillors and others are held as and when necessary.

The Chair attends various meetings including : LFF, HACC, Heathrow Community Noise Forum.


The Treasurer then gave a report :-

Lloyds Bank balance for they year starting 2017 was £347.55, as of today 9th January 2018 the balance is £97.55.

The biggest expenditure was on the website, the sum paid will keep it running for two further years, as from 2017.


We need further funding to ensure we can operate effectively. Thanks were given to Colin and Doreen Brindley and Raymond Powney for their very kind donations.


The Chair thanked Viv for all her work in acting as Treasurer and also thanks to all the Committee for their work. Thanks was expressed to Brian Duckett who does weekly returns to the Environment Agency.


Points were raised about Fly tipping, Parking and the Bus service. These are all matters which will be raised at forthcoming meetings.

The new CEO of Spelthorne will be invited to one of our meetings.




Minutes of meeting

7th November. 2017.




Apologies : Jo ( Horton Road ).


1. Richard Barratt. The planters outside the shops were placed to enhance the area and to prevent vehicles parking in front of the shops, preventing easy access for pedestrians. There have been complaints from two of the shops, notwithstanding the fact that they were consulted and signed a paper stating they were happy with the proposal.  One of the planters has been moved to the pavement area which now causes problems for Surrey County Council. This will have to be addressed. A vote was taken at the meeting which indicated that all were in favor of retaining the planters as are. It was also noted that Long Acres of Bagshot had been very helpful and provided bedding plants.  Action Richard Barratt.


Robert Evans stated that there were still problems with parking on the Moor, not just Horton Road. One resident said they would be in favor of a Controlled Parking Zone. Robert is willing to carry out a survey of Residents. Action Robert Evans.


Sue Doran spoke about Kestrel stating that it was taking time to go through the Courts, Spelthorne was still pursuing the matter. The Hope ( Public House ) is also being pursued by Spelthorne. Those who own the building have to take action on those who are occupying it.


2. Kathleen Croft spoke about the Quad bikes and motor cycles being ridden on Sundays and other days. PCSO to be contacted. Action Kathleen Croft.

( This has been actioned. )


3. Sue Doran spoke about this in her report.


4. Road works. Nicholas Murphy spoke about the resurfacing of road in Horton Road which needs to be monitored to ensure that it has been carried out satisfactorily. Mention was also made of road surface leading to roundabout at M25. Robert Evans had spoken with Bretts. Action Robert Evans & Nicholas Murphy.


5. A gift voucher had been presented to Roberto Tambini to mark his retirement from Spelthorne Council from the Residents Association.


6. Colin Brindley spoke about the footpaths over the moor and the bad state they are currently in. Asbestos dumped, trees over the paths and unkempt paths. He has written to Spelthorne Council. Kevin Flurry said that Community Payback may be able to assist. Action Kevin Flurry.


7. Any other business . It was noted that The Anchor public House had won an award and many congratulations are sent.

The Christmas Tree lighting will take place on Sunday 3rd December, which is the day of the Christmas Party in the Hall. It will be around 5pm.

It was brought to the attention of the meeting that application has been made to add an operating centre to house 30 goods vehicles at Oakleaf Farm. This would cause yet more vehicle movements into the Village.

Shredded paper seen on a number of occasions at the junction of Horton Road and Stanwell Moor Road & Spout Lane. Suggestion this is due to recycling lorries going to Oakleaf Farm. RE

In Leylands Lane the concrete blocks have been removed. It has since been discovered that metal barriers have been installed.



Next Meeting Tuesday 9th January 2018 AGM and Elections.




Minutes of meeting 5th September 2017.


Apologies from Mrs Croft who would be late due to another meeting ; Jo ( Whiskeys mummy ) and John Richardson.

Cllr Ian Harvey Leader of Spelthorne Council was welcomed to the meeting.

Councilors Report. Kevin Flurry reported fly tipping in Leylands lane, this was on the list to be dealt with. Also electric works in Hithermoor road was taking longer than expected.

Richard Barratt reported that he had together with Sue Doran organized big planters to be placed outside the shops in Horton Road. These would have trees planted in them They had secured further funding from the Leaders fund. They were to be delivered the weekend of 17th September,  at about 9:00am, it is hoped that local residents would attend to make an event of the action.

Sue Doran reported that Kestral would be closed, the Council having served papers now have to attend Court. The Hope pub also has had enforcement served.

Robert Evans reported that one reason for the fly tipping was due to Surry County Council closing  a number of waste transfer stations and introducing some charges. There have been some problems with Trees in Hithermoor road, these are now being attended to.

MiniCab parking . It was reported that whilst there had been some improvement UCH were parking in Horton road. they did not litter etc as some mini cabs did. Further work on seeking a site for UCH is underway.

Kestral news. This was covered in Councilors report.

Local Bus news. Robert Evans reported that the 441 555 and 442 were all affected by changes. It would soon not be possible to get a bus to Terminal 5. With these changes it makes students travel difficult and very lengthy.

AOB To mark Roberto Tambini’s retirement as Chief Executive of Spelthorne Council The Residents Association bought a gardening Voucher to thank him for all his help and support  over the years. He will be sadly missed.

Ian Harvey informed the meeting that Daniel Mouawad had been appointed Chief Executive and would in due course visit the Residents Association.


Meeting ended at 9:00pm

Date of next meeting  7th November.




Minutes of meeting Tuesday 4th July 2017



Apologies from Sue Doran and Kevin Flurry.


Councilors Report : Robert Evans ( SCC) raised various issues, Trees , Firs Cover ( Surrey Still intends to cut services).

Stanwell Quarry application made.

Road repair budget to be cut by 80% for Surrey.


Mini-cab parking.  PCSO Gardner spoke about this stating that he had been working with Spelthorne,  Airport,Mini Cab drivers. He was concerned by the signs that had gone up as they are not legal and he was concerned in case tempers got frayed.

Various points were made  by Residents, not least that one reason people were upset was the behavior of some mini cab drivers in urinating, defecating and leaving rubbish strewn about.

Many people were able to make their views known.

The Chair thanked PCSO Gardner for his input and indeed attending the meeting.


UCH meeting. Report was given that a positive meeting had been held. Tracy Carter from Spelthorne, Robert Evans Surrey County Council and Nicholas Murphy Stanwell Moor Residents attended. Richard Barratt  our Local Councillor should have attended but he did not appear.

Parking for UCH staff being the main issue, a new avenue will be looked into to try and solve this. UCH also stated that they would like to give something positive to the Village and this would be discussed further.


Road by Brett’s Robert Evans to follow this up.


AOB  Eagle Plant causing noise at 6:45am. Dust pollution Vehicles going over the bridge by the Mill contrary to weight restrictions.

The Hope public house . Any further news ? Nil



Next meeting Tuesday September 5th.



Tuesday 2nd May 2017.

This meeting was given over to the Candidates for Surrey County Councillor ( Stanwell Moor & Stanwell and North Ashford ). Each of the Candidates gave a presentation and then answered questions form the audience. There were 59 people present. It was felt a very satisfactory and worthwhile event.



Tuesday 7th March

The meeting on Tuesday 7th March was very successful, our Member of Parliament Kwasi Kwarteng attended together with Ian Harvey the leader of the Council and Tony Harmen the deputy. Our three local Councillors attended as well as our County Councillor Robert Evans. Roberto Tambinni was present and all took part in the discussions that followed during the evening.

Following the meeting all remained to talk and exchange views with the Residents.



With over 50 of us at a well attended residents meeting we discussed the following topics:-


Rubbish collection

Fly tipping

Pot holes



3rd runway

M25 roundabout

New 'no parking signs'

Foot paths

Fire station

Street lights





AGM Report.

January 2017.


There were no nominations for Officers of SMRA, the present Officers were re-appointed by 12 votes to one abstention.


Kathleen Croft.  Chair

Olwen Dowse. Vice Chair.

Nicholas Murphy. Secretary.

Vivian Powney. Treasurer.



During the past year there have been 4 meetings plus a special one that was held to give residents information about the arguments on both sides for the EU Referendum.


A new Village sign has been put up thanks to Robert Evans our County Council representative.


Heathrow has opened its new car park for mini-cabs following the pressure from SMRA.


Continuing concern about parking in Horton Road and its environs by mini-cabs and UCH. Most recently a meeting was held at the Council offices to discuss the matter of UCH parking, with a suggestion of forming a liaison group made up of SMRA and Council Officials to be held at UCH.


The 446 bus has been removed, replaced by another service, the 442.


Robert Evans provided a 12 foot Christmas Tree for the Village, the annual Christmas light switch on and carols were held in early December, followed by refreshments. Gratifyingly new residents were present, families, following a letter drop organized by Robert and Sue Doran.


Kevin Flurry, Spelthorne Councillor, made a grant to provide a PA system for the Residents Association, for which many thanks.


A liaison group has been set up to meet with Bretts, made up of local and County Councillors and two members of the Residents Association, Mike Powell and Jo Rutter.


Financial Report.


The Lloyds Bank balance for the year starting 1st January 2016 was £175.47.

The balance as of 3rd January 2017 stands at £337.55.

We received £370.00 in donations and paid out £207.92.


The books were provided for inspection.


Viv Powney.



2nd November 2016.



Apologies from Kathleen Croft & Richard Barrett.


1. Sue Doran (SBC) reported on dealings with A2D re unfair practice etc & Local Conversation re Health Trust. They have been granted £5000 but are putting in a bid for a larger sum, £80,000 which will then encompass Stanwell Moor.

Robert Evans (SCC) is optimistic that the 441 route will be reinstalled to Stanwell Moor following conversations that he has been holding. Whilst this is not definitive he hopes that what he has been told will come to fruition. The 555 bus route is still to be ended, he has however set up a petition. He is also  using a sum from his budget to provide a 12ft Christmas Tree for Stanwell Moor which will be put up by a professional firm. He reported that Bretts are keen to set up a liaison group including Councillors and representatives of the Residents Association. Two members of the association ( Michael Powell and Whiskeys Mum ) were elected.


2. The Airport decision will be discussed much later, following the vote in Parliament and further information. This is not expected until late next year.


3. There is a meeting next week 8th November at Spelthorne Council to discuss UCH and mini-cabs.


4. The road used by Bretts heavy vehicles is being damaged, this is the section up to the M25 roundabout. Robert Evans ( SCC) will look into this. This is something that the Liaison group would be able to raise.


5. Fly tipping. The problem by the Garages continues. As this is private land the Council are not responsible to remove. The Land owner / Agent should deal with this. Contact with them will be attempted.


6. AOB Food waste is not always being collected. Sue Doran ( SBC ) will investigate. What is happening to what was The Hope Public House. Green King have sold it to ? Further investigations needed.












Minutes of meeting 7th September 2016.


Apologies : Kevin Flurry



1. Sue Doran ( SBC) spoke about Stanwell Local Conversation , and the fact that it was going well and will eventually involve Stanwell Moor. The Conversation includes Health of the Area. A grant is possible to form Clubs for well being and this is being pursued.

Robert Evans (SCC) spoke about Mini Cab Parking and the Car Park provided by Heathrow. They have room for 700, currently about 300 are using it. The cost is £1 per hour with facilities provided. Robert has been handing out notices about the Car Park to Drivers in Horton Road and other roads round about. Heathrow has provided notices which Robert handed out during the meeting.

Richard Barratt (SBC) commented that the signage for the Car Park needed to be improved.


2.Sue Doran spoke about the situation on UCH and Spelthorne looking for a site for their parking. Sue is on the group looking in the problem. Vermullens is a possibility,the Allotments are Green Belt , the Scout Hut is being looked into, it is owned by the Water Board, Charlie Morris land is Green Belt.


3. Robert Evans spoke about the 446 bus and the fact that it is little used in the Village, an average number of 6. This still does not alter the fact that for some it is a lifeline.The Bus Company are removing funding for a number or routes thus landing us in this position. The date for the last bus is 31st December 2016.

4. Kathleen Croft spoke about rubbish collections and the hope that we may one day get weekly collections as fly tipping is increasing. Funding is the major problem. Why could the Council not have lorrys that can accept both type of waste.

5. AOB Rubbish bin needed by Bus stop. Also raised what was happening behind the large metal fencing by the Hope public house.












Tuesday May 3rd Meeting. In or Out of the European Union.




The meeting on May 3rd was attended by 34 residents and those presenting the cases for both sides answered many varied questions from the floor. Following the presentation and Q&A there was an opportunity to speak to the representatives during the refreshment time.




Minutes of meeting 1st March 2016.


Apologies : Olwen Dowse




Councillors Report


Sue Doran has been meeting in Stanwell to find out the needs ie Skills bus ;  following a questionnaire people indicated youth and the elderly were missing out. There is a meeting on March 12th at 3:00 in the Youth Centre Stanwell.


Robert Evans . The new sign has been emplaced, together with one for Stanwell. The area around the sign could be made attractive with plants in pots. It was also suggested that the sign could be illuminated. This is being looked into. The Soil decontamination at Bretts has been passed at Planning. The proposed concrete crushing at Morris has been altered to take place outside rather than in a building. This permission has been deferred until a site visit takes place. A resident mentioned that Eagle Plant in Horton road has been operating outside of permitted times.


Kevin Flurry. Charlie Morris has offered a location for UCH to park their employees vehicles, this is currently at the Planning stage. As to whether this would lead to more mini cabs is dependent on Enforcement. Hillingdon are being pro-active and are having an affect. We must work with other Councils in this matter. It was raised by two residents that abandoned vehicles are on the path to the Moor. This would be dealt with.




Bus News


There is a review by Surrey into the Bus usage, copies are available from the Post Office and can also be filled out on line. It is important to take part in the review as there is a danger that the 446 will be removed.




EU Referendum.




The next meeting of the Residents Association on Tuesday 3rd May will be given over to an information evening to give Residents a chance to hear the case for and against continued membership of the EU.







AGM minutes January 2016.




There were 15 residents present at the AGM. Elections for Officers took place, there being no nominations the Officers were re-elected unanimously.




Kathleen Croft ( Chair) gave a review of the past year.


During the past year there were 4 regular SMRA meetings.


The topics covered included Parking issues; 441 bus removal and 446 bus introduction. Applications for extended works at Charles Morris and Bretts.




There were also additional meetings held in May, to introduce both the Parliamentary and Local Council candidates. Two meetings were held for each group.




As Parking has proved to be a greatest problem this year our July meeting was given over to discuss the matter. SMRA delivered notices to all homes in the Village and as a result over 250 people attended. A report on the meeting as published on the SMRA website and put on the Notice board. As a result, meetings were held at Heathrow including representatives from Spelthorne Council, Councilors both local and County. In November Spelthorne Council held a meeting in the Village Hall to provide updates on what had been achieved.




On the 6th December a Christmas tree was placed outside the Village Hall. Residents were asked to join us to sing carols and enjoy mince pies and milled wine.  This was attended by our Local MP. and Cllrs. County and borough. We are hoping to repeat this again this year.




As Chair I also represented SMRA on the following groups :-


Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee.


Heathrow Local Focus Forum.


The Community Noise Insulation Board for Public Buildings


The Community Noise Action Group.


London Airport Consultative Committee.








The Treasurer gave the financial report which included the information that the balance at the Bank stood at £175.47. There had been £170 in donations.




Brief discussion then took place covering mini-cabs and 446 bus, before Refreshments were served.




Meetings for the year are :-




Tuesday 1st March.


Tuesday 3rd May.


Tuesday 5th July.


Tuesday 6th September.


Tuesday 1st November.








Minutes of meeting 3rd November.




Olwyn Dowse introduced as Acting Vice Chair.


Apologies from Kathleen Croft and Kevin Flurry.


Councillors Report. Sue Doran is getting views for Health Lottery to possibly provide for mental health help.

Robert Evans spoke about Oakland Farm applying for further development. He will oppose.

Mini Cabs situation getting worse. A Public meeting is to be held on Thursday 26th November at 7:00pm in the Village Hall.

Bus has been late on a number of occasions, as reported by a Resident ; between 20/40 mins.

Another Resident suggested that perhaps Heathrow could provide litter picking as a result of litter left by mini-cabs.

A Resident was anti any suggestion of CPZ ( voucher parking ), in response to RE having said that this was one possible solution.

There is to be a Christmas Tree in the grounds of the Village Hall, with a lighting up event on Sunday 6th December at 6:00pm. There will be some carols sung and then some light refreshments. A resident said that they had a Tree which they had from last year which was given for the Village People but had not been used. RE said that he would look at the tree and it would then be utilised for the benefit of said Village People.

The Village Sign ; this has been organised by RE and would be installed in due course. A question as to whether if could be floodlit would be examined, expense etc.

Parking news had been covered earlier.

OD said that she could provide lighting for the Christmas tree. Also reported on incident with a lorry having a brick thrown at it by a mini-cab driver in Spout Lane.


Next meeting AGM Date TBA.






Notes on Public meeting held by Spelthorne Council Thursday 26th November 2015.

Site visits had been undertaken by Spelthorne to deal with various parking and related problems in Horton road and Spout Lane. Cleaning had been carried out in the underpass as well as work on Vegetation and ditches. Bins and signs provided. Important to maintain standard set. Hillingdon Council also to follow Spelthorne in such work. Two Councils will co-operate in such works. A resident mentioned problems in Leylands Lane, this would be investigated.

It was noted that Stanwell Moor has had to endure unacceptable behaviour with regards to mini-cabs. It is a priority of the Chief Executive of Heathrow to look for a solution, working with Spelthorne and Hillingdon. Heathrow has worked with Transport for London in dealing with the problem. Heathrow has engaged with the Industry , Addison Lee and Uber and the Trade Association of mini-cabs. A code of Practice is being drawn up, which drivers will have to agree to. A representative of Uber visited Stanwell Moor with Simon Earles from Heathrow to see the problem. They have reacted by “ blocking off “ Stanwell Moor so that the drivers of Uber vehicles cannot receive messages thus they no longer wait in the Village. Uber has also provided a complaints form on their website. A parking site has been found within the Airport boundary, it will be opened for a trial period by the middle of next year as the site has to be prepared. It will be able to cope with 800 vehicles. Enforcement of any new policy must be consistent. The support of all Local Authorities around Heathrow is vital.

Alan Sprotson ( Surrey Police ) confirmed that parking on the pavement was not an offence unless it caused the pedestrian to walk in the road. If this occurred then a call to the Police was advised. Consistency in dealing with the problem is important as is working in partnership with the Residents.

UCH are sensitive to the problem that is being caused by their workers parking, they have looked at various solutions; car sharing, scooters. A meeting with Spelthorne and the Residents Association had taken place and suggestions of locations of offsite parking made. These had been looked at but they were Green belt and thus not able to be used. Further locations are being looked at. The Residents Association is to have further meetings with UCH.

CCTV in Horton Road / Spout Lane. The cost is £20,000 plus 8/9 thousand pounds a year to run. CCTV was a suggestion made to deter parking, along with Yellow Lines and Environment improvements.

Residents Parking Zone. Surrey County Council implements such changes. There needs to be a demonstration of Residents support to such a change in parking. 70% of Residents need to agree. There is a cost implication to Residents. The first parking permit costs £50 and the second £75 ( per year ). Enforcement of any such change in parking would have to take place. Higher visibility of enforcement needed.

A residents of Spout Lane North said that many of the problems there had been resolved, he had met with the Uber representative. Such improvements had been as a result of the work of Heathrow, Spelthorne and Hillingdon.

It was noted that the camera in Spout Lane South was not working, it was however deemed as not warranted to repair it. Leylands Lane would be looked at following residents raising anti-social behaviour as having taken place.


Those taking part in the meeting included Roberto Tambini ( Chief Executive Spelthorne Council ) Jackie Taylor ( Spelthorne Council ) Simon Earles ( Heathrow ) Alan Sproston ( Surrey Police ) Sandy Muirhead ( Spelthorne Council ) Keith McGroary/Paul Smith ( Spelthorne Council ) SCCllr Robert Evans, Cllr S. Doran ,  Cllr K Flurry, Cllr R Barratt , Mrs K. Croft ( Stanwell Moor Residents Association ) David Richards ( UCH ).



Parking update.

3rd August


Following the Public Meeting regarding Parking in Horton Road, a meeting was held at Heathrow with local Councillors, County Councillors, Spelthorne Officers and Heathrow representatives. Spelthorne have carried out investigations into not just Horton Road but Spout Lane and are preparing a action plan to present to the Council.

Spelthorne are arranging a meeting with UCH to make them aware of the effect that their employees parking is having in Horton road.

Heathrow are undertaking a study to discover the extent of the problem in the surrounding area. The provision of land for minicabs to park is also being examined ; Simon Earles from Heathrow has thoughts on this matter which have to be examined carefully. Heathrow are preparing an information leaflet to be distributed to all Residents.

The next Public meeting will be announced as soon as a date has been agreed ; prior to that however information has to be gathered so as to be able to present to Residents a coherent plan to deal with the problem.


Any further news will be published to the Residents.





Minutes of meeting Tuesday 1st September.




Apologies :- Andrew McClusky.


1. Kevin Flurry (KF) spoke about the 446 bus being introduced, that people would have to use it or it would be withdrawn. The usage would be reviewed after a year. He also said that he was getting a price on new signage for the Village sign and the Village Hall sign. Robert Evans (RE) mentioned that he was also getting a price on the signs, thus they are going to liaise. The possibility of floodlighting for the Village sign was mentioned. Kathleen Croft ( KC) suggested a Christmas Tree, located within the boundary of the Village Hall, RE said he would use his members allowance to obtain one. It was also suggested that there could be an evening event to turn the lights on the Tree, with Mulled wine and Carols. KF said he had spoken to a Taxi driver earlier re behaviour, the meeting on September 17th to deal with this problem.

RE said he had been asked to look into providing fencing along Spout Lane.

Sue Doran (SD) mentioned that New Image Stone had erected a large building with no permission and would have to have it removed.

A question was asked about what had happened with the meeting between UCH and Spelthorne Council, KF reported about the meeting that had taken place with he as Councillor UCH and Sandy Muirhead (SM) from the Council and SMRA. SM is to report back in early September. KF suggested another scooter for Traffic enforcement.


2. RE commented on what the local Community could achieve. A timetable was requested and it was suggested that copies could be made available in the local shops.

3. Nil


4. Meeting on September 17th in the Village Hall.


5. Kath Baker has now left the Village, thanks were expressed over all her hard work.


Next meeting Tuesday 3rd November.



SMRA meeting re Parking. July 7th 2015



At the meeting held on Tuesday 7th July at which over 250 residents attended, a proposal to form a group made up of panel members and SMRA Officers was agreed.

The Panel at the meeting consisted of the following  Kevin Flurry, Sue Doran, Richard Barratt ( Local Spelthorne Councillors ) ; Robert Evans ( Surrey County Councillor ) ; Tomasz Sapinski ( Parking Services Manager ) ; Sgt Parish ( Surrey Police Spelthorne Liaison ) ; Simon Earls ( Surface Access Heathrow ) ; Cheryl Monk ( Heathrow ).

Many questions were put to the panel, as well as instances of trouble with those who parked, not just in Horton Road but in Spout Lane North and other roads in the Village. Members of the panel and other Council Officers who attended the meeting were surprised at the number of residents present, which demonstrated the grave concern that people have.


Following the meeting of the small group to look at proposals, the results of such deliberations will then be brought back to the residents at a further meeting. The date of such meeting will be advertised.







SMRA May meeting.

There was no residents meeting in May as Hustings were organised for those standing for Parliamentary seats and Local Council seats.

These hustings were held on separate dates, one taking place at Ashford Cricket Club and the other in the Village Hall.

There were a good number of people attending both meetings.

The next meeting will thus be on  July 7th 2015.




Minutes of meeting 24 March 2015.




Apologies :  Kath Baker ; Kevin Flurry.



1. Robert Evans ( Surrey County Councillor ) gave a short report informing us that Surrey will close all their Care Homes as they are not  “ fit for purpose “. No investment had been made for many years, there would thus be trauma for elderly people in the homes who are being forced to move. At a Cabinet meeting to decide on the fate of the Homes the Conservative Councillors ( SCC ) all voted to close the said Homes.

He went on to explain  about his lack of usage of the allowance that had not been spent for the benefit of his Constituents , as reported in the local papers, some £11,000. That monies would go to the road repair programme for Surrey.

2.Complaints about Flowerland, that they are not always turning LEFT at the end of Spout Lane. There has been a dramatic increase in size of Flowerland, had they obtained proper planning permission ?


3.NATS. Regarding CAA not informing Heathrow  about changing flight routes. Andrew McClusky gave an overview of what had been reported in the newspapers.


4. AOB. John Lear reported about Morris Fertilizers. He has been monitoring on this for 30 years. They propose to open 24 hours a day with up to 90 lorry’s a day. JL said the proposal was open to a legal challenge and asked Robert Evans if he could take this on. RE said he would speak to JL about this.

Horses. Kath Baker had sent an e-mail to the Enforcement team in Spelthorne as there had been fouling of the walkway outside the shops.

Robert Evans mentioned that the air quality in Colnbrook is outside the WHO ( World Health Organisation 98% of the time.

Kathleen Croft ( Chair SMRA ) is now the Spelthorne representative at HAC. )


Next meeting Tuesday May 5th .













AGM 13th January 2015.

There were eighteen people attending the AGM.

The Committee were re-elected as a body.

Mrs Powney Treasurer presented the financial report :-

The Bank balance for the year starting 1/01/2014 was £449.16. The balance today stands at £239.61.

We have paid out £150 to Websmart for our website ; £30 for Poppy Wreath ; £30 for Land Registry being a total of £210.00.

As a non profit concern we have no income other than donations of which we have had none since the year 2010.

We have enough money to see us through next year, but thereafter we will be in financial need.

The Chairman  presented the report for the year :-


SMRA report 2014.

1. The 441 Bus campaign.

2. The pedestrian crossing over Stanwell Moor Road.

3. Heathrow Airport and Heathrow Hub had given presentations.

4. Throughout the year we were kept informed of gravel works and extraction and work by Bretts by John Leer and Andrew McClusky.

5. The Chair of SMRA representing LFF at HAC.

6. The new Water Licence has now been granted and agreed with HAL.

7. Parking problems in Horton road continue , Robert Evans SCC is  dealing with the situation.

8. SMRA is now represented on StreetLife a local internet forum.

9. Local issues were dealt with during the bi-monthly meetings.

10. It was noted with disappointment that local Councillors were absent at the Residents Association meetings. The County Councillor  Robert Evans however was always present. He had arranged a visit of the Chief Executive of Surrey County Council to visit Stanwell Moor and committee members were able to meet with him and put Village concerns before him.

11. Wreath laying ceremony at the memorial in Stanwell was attended and a wreath was laid on behalf of Stanwell Moor.

The Chair then thanked the Committee and others for their help during the year.

Robert Evans ( Surrey County Councillor ) then spoke about his work for Stanwell Moor during the year.  It included him putting a question regarding the crossing over Stanwell Moor road with regard to the local bus. A decision has yet to be made by Surrey County Council.

Parking in Horton road / Taxi/UCH drivers is still an issue.

The Village Sign is looking tired and may be able to be renovated depending on cost.

Spout Lane and parking is becoming an issue.

The Chair then thanked Robert Evans for all his help during the year.

Refreshments were then served.








Tuesday 4th November.



1. There were no Councillors report as no Councillors were present. ( Robert Evans County Councillor  arrived late as he was at another meeting. )

2. Kath Baker gave an update on the 441 bus. Joanna Jones had sent a letter which has been reproduced on the website.Regarding the Crossing on the A3044 Robert Evans is finding out what the result of a decision taken in September is as to whether the crossing is going to proceed or not.

3. John Lear had attended the planning meeting at Spelthorne Council Kathleen Croft has been asked to represent LFF ( Heathrow) at HAC. Nicholas Murphy had attended Spelthorne Together at Kempton Park which had been useful and produced some helpful items.

4. Andrew McClusky pointed out that Heathrow has said that if the Balancing Pond goes ahead in the recreation ground they would provide a new park and sports pitch. The location of these is not yet known. The tax issue of the Airport was also raised. Robert Evans said that there was always a cost to airport expansion. Spelthorne is positive toward said expansion.

AOB. Taxi drivers urinating by the side of Horton road raised as well as the continuing parking problems in Horton road.


The next meeting is the AGM on Tuesday 13 January 2015



Please note that the meeting held in September was a special meeting with no minutes taken.


Minutes of meeting

Held 1st July 2014.

Apologies    :Vivian  Pownley.

Councillors Report : Cllr Evans ( Surrey CC) spoke about the 60% in Surrey CC stipends and the fact that he had spoken out against such a rise. The Chief Executive is now on £250 thousand a year, the Prime Minister on much less.

David McNulty the Surrey County Council CEO will be visiting Stanwell and Stanwell Moor, and Mr Evans asked for any suggestions that could be put before  him. The date of the visit to Stanwell Moor is 1st August.

Cllr Evans has used the 441 bus stop over the duel carriageway and notes that there is no pavement by the bus stop, nor any shelter. The cost of a crossing to the bus stop is £150,000. Surrey County Council have been informed of the danger posed by passengers crossing the duel carriageway and have agreed to examine the proposal and score it against a criteria that they set. This will then be presented to Spelthorne Local Committee meeting on 29th September.


We now have a water licence to allow us to continue abstracting water to ensure the stream down Hithermoor road is kept flowing.


We still await a date from Heathrow regarding the meeting to discuss the proposed Balancing pond in the Village. Cllr Rough stated that the only plans that were known were that the allotments were going to be restored by the playing fields.

441 bus update. Kath Baker is to attend a meeting at Spelthorne where the bus company have to explain themselves and the reasons for termination of the route through the Village. Kath Baker also spoke of the dog attack on a resident.

AOB Kathleen Croft spoke about the proposed crossing for the bus stop.

A resident alerted the meeting to the state of the footpath Horton road/Park road.

Double yellow lines are proposed in Horton road as a result of taxi parking.

A resident asked for information as to when the AGM of the Village Hall Committee was to be held.

The Hope public house. Not known what is happening to the site.

Pondarosa land. An area had been flattened and returned to grass and fenced, however the Environment Agency has instructed the landowner to move the fence. The owner has also cleaned up a section of the river, another section the responsibility of the EA is left in a poor state. The Association will look into this.

Poly pipes by the garden centre are an eyesore.

Andrew McClusky passed a petition round the meeting calling for Heathrow to explain its proposals.

The meeting ended at 9.30.


Next meeting Tuesday 2nd September.




Minutes of meeting Tuesday 6th May.


This meeting had just one point on the agenda and that was the Bus situation.


Those attending the meeting included :- Mike Finn Operations Manager (Abellio) ; Robert Evans Surrey County Councillor ; Joanna Jones Spelthorne Borough Council. 40 Residents also attended.


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that it was an opportunity for residents to put their concerns to Abellio about the new bus service.

The points that emerged from the meeting were :-

The bus is not funded by any Council or Heathrow it is a commercial business.

The 441 ran every half hour and large mileage ensued which was not economic for the Company.

The 71 could come via the Moor but does not.

Mike Finn agreed that there was a problem with regard to the position of bus stop for 441 in Stanwell Moor Road, but the Company is not responsible for the road or providing a crossing, that would be up to the Council.

Heathrow fund the bus transportation to the Airport.

It seems unlikely that Abellio will reinstate the 441.


Residents put their views to Mike Finn so that he could communicate them to the Company.




Tuesday 7th March meeting.

The monthly meeting was given over to a presentation of Heathrow Hub, the proposed expansion of the Northern Runway at Heathrow Airport to 6,600 mtrs.. This had been suggested by Jock Lowe a retired Concord pilot, and has been put forward by the Davies Commission. The final recommendation will be made in the summer of 2015.

The cost of the proposal would be £10 billion with a minimum of land required. Aircraft would be able to land and take off on the same runway ( North ). A rail link would be built to the north of the Airport with a car park to cater for cars from the M4 and M40. Part of the M25 would be put underground for the new layout of the roadways.

Matters to deal with emissions and flooding due to loss of floodplains would be studied. Alternation would continue under the proposal.

Questions from the floor were put to Jock Lowe some of which he was unable to answer as matters to do with flooding were to be studied at a greater depth.

He said that he would be most happy to return to give updates on the progress of Heathrow Hub.




AGM 7th January 2014.

There were fourteen people attending the AGM.

The Committee were re-elected as a body Mrs Johnson resigned as Vice Chair, her place has been taken by Mrs Baker  with all in favour of the motion. Samantha Gilmore has joined the Committee.

The Chairman then presented the report for the year :-

SMRA report 2013.

1. The number of meetings has been reduced to bi-monthly. The meetings are now held on a Tuesday starting at 8:15.

2. Discussion and consultations were carried out looking into the possibility of opening a Pharmacy in the Village. Following investigations there was not enough support and the matter was dropped.

3. Robert Evans was welcomed as our new Surrey County Councillor replacing Victor Agawall who had retired.

4. Throughout the year we were kept informed of gravel works and extraction and work by Bretts by John Leer and Andrew McClusky.

5. A tree was planted in memory of Jack Pinkerton, our former Councillor.

6. Meetings were held with Heathrow Airport Ltd , including the Public Meeting about the Airport Expansion.

7. Parking problems in Horton road, Robert Evans SCC is  dealing with the situation.

8. Burglaries in Stanwell Moor , notices were put up warning people about the rise in break-ins.

9. Water abstraction licence is being re-newed.

10. Windows for those falling within the noise limit were obtained.

11. Wreath laying ceremony at the memorial in Stanwell was attended and a wreath was laid on behalf of Stanwell Moor.

Thanks were then expressed to all the Committee for their help during the year.

The Treasurer then presented the accounts which stand at £449.61 as of 7thJanuary 2014.

Two points were raised that of the problems with the stream in Hithermoor road and parking and associated matters . These will be addressed at the next meeting.


The next Residents meeting will be on Tuesday March 4th 8:15pm.







Airport Meeting brief report.

At the meeting held on Tuesday September 3rd over 200 people attended not just from Stanwell Moor but from other areas as well. Nigel Milton from the Airport explained the various proposals and the time frame. During December a short list will be produced and then one month after the next election ( 2015 ) the preferred selection will be announced. It would then be up to the elected Government to act.

Robert Evans, our County Councillor who chaired the meeting then asked John Stewart from Hacan to speak and then questions were posed to the speakers. Given the number of people attending these had to be kept brief and Mr Evans tried to ensure that those who wished to ask questions had an opportunity to do so.

Heathrow had written to all in the Village about the meeting and within the letter they gave information about how to keep informed of developments. Robert Evans also urged people to contact him with regard to the proposals so that he could represent their feelings at forthcoming meetings.










Minutes of meeting 29th October 2013.


Email from SCC Robert Evans;  He sent his apologies for missing the meeting as he is away on business.  He also went on to say he has spent a great deal of time opposing the council’s plan to reduce fire cover in Spelthorne.  He also met with Roberto Tambini to discuss many local issues, not least the parking of minicabs in Horton Road.  He is also planning to meet with Cappagh (tippers) and UCH to discuss the way in which their drivers use our village.  He also mentioned the ‘Save our Villages’ meeting in St Marys church Stanwell on 6th November at 7.00pm, and that all are welcome to attend.



Borough Cllrs report;  No borough cllrs were present at the meeting, hence no report, and no apologies.



Burglaries on Stanwell Moor;  No further news from Surrey police to discuss.



Water abstraction licence;   KB to email Simon Grantham (EA officer) to raise issues regarding the legal responsibilities for the new licence holder(s) when the new type of licence is possibly renewed in March  2014.  There is a lot to discuss for the SMRA committee before any decision to renew is finally taken.



No further information has been reported from Heathrow regarding their 3rd runway proposals, although a resident did come in to see if there was any airport official at our meeting.



Wreath laying in Stanwell;  A representative from the Poppy Appeal (whom Kathleen knows) gave the SMRA a beautiful poppy wreath, for which SMRA will make a donation, also appeal boxes were placed in the post office and T5 shop.  SMRA always lays a poppy wreath at the memorial in Stanwell.



Hithermoor Road to Staines footpath;  This  has now been partially cut of vegetation after 2/3 emails to SCC requesting this to be done.  The volunteer boys have started, but have to return to finish.  Seems that gone are the days when SCC carry out this service but now leave it to volunteer groups.



The meeting closed at 9.20pm.


Next meeting AGM 8th January 2014



Previous meetings Details Here:





1. Statement form Heathrow Airport.

2. Local Councillors report.

3. Surrey County Councillors report.

4. Gravel etc.

5. AOB.


Minutes of meeting

Held 2nd July 2013.

Apologies :Vivian Pownley.

1. Cheryl Monk ( Head of Stratigic Communications ) spoke about the press reports that had appeared recently. Heathrow Airport Ltd ( HA) has not yet made a final decision on its preferred options, these will be submitted to the Government on July 19th.Questions were then asked, however no firm answers were able to be given as the proposals had not yet been firmed up.



2. There were no Borough Councillors attending the meeting thus no report was given.

3. Robert Evans (RE) the Surrey County Councillor gave a report detailing his recent work on behalf of Stanwell Moor. He had met with Nigel Milton (HA) and confirmed that they were more than willing to attend a meeting following the publication of the report to the Government to detail to Residents the actions of HA. RE explained that the final decision regarding any expansion at Heathrow was Political and may not be taken until after the next election in 2015. He stressed the importance of holding a meeting with all key groups following the July 19 Announcement.

A resident had raised the problem of paring in Horton Road, caused by taxis and UCH. Not only was this causing a danger to moving traffic some drivers were dumping rubbish by the side of the road. There were also reports of some urinating by the pavement. Mention was also made of disquiet about the possibility that some vehicles could carry sneak thieves who watched houses and then broke in when the householder was absent. RE is taking the matter up with both the Borough and County Council.

School places. With regard to Town Farm and Stanwell Fields, if a parent is unable to get their child into these schools they may have much further to travel to the designated school. It was, he stated, a failure on the part of the local Council as they have birth data, and failed to respond to the growing numbers. Surrey County Council is aware and RE is following up the problem. He stressed that people should put Town Farm/Stanwell Fields as their first choice to ensure a local school.

4.Andrew McClusky (AM) spoke about a proposed new railway from Windsor to Heathrow that could impact on Stanwell Moor. This will be kept under observation. On the matter of gravel AM said an inquiry had been set up to ensure that all was fair, however this was internal, which AM felt was not good enough. The recent Police meeting set up by Neighbourhood Watch and entitled Local Policing Board was somewhat confusing. In effect it was only a road show and not s meeting as had been expected.

AOB. A number of residents expressed their concern that no Borough Councillors were present at the meeting. It was established that all had been sent a list of the SMRA meetings some months ago. Action on this point will be taken.

RE reported that he had a meeting with the Chief Constable and would be willing to take any issues residents may have if the contacted him.

Kathleen Croft (KC) Chair of SMRA had written to Jean Pinkerton (JP) on behalf of the residents to congratulate her on being awarded an OBE and received a letter from JP thanking KC and the residents for their good wishes.

The meeting ended at 9.40pm.

Next meeting Tuesday 3rd September.





Minutes of meeting 7th May.

The Chair introduced Mr Connor from Spelthorne Council who is the Neighbourhood Manager and was going to address residents concerns about horses on the recreation field and roads. The Chair explained that henceforth matters relating to horses would be dealt with by Cllr Gohil. He has immediate access to the relevant bodies that can respond to concerns.

1. Mr Connor explained that the Council were aware of residents concerns with the matter of horses and were taking steps to respond effectively to resolve the matter. He stated that a Council member had to witness the horses loos on the recreation ground or on the roads and to that end if a resident saw any of the above they could contact him directly on 01784-446411. Kath Baker mentioned that motor cycles had also been a problem. The Police representative said that they were aware of this and were monitoring the situation.

2. Cllr Gohil had sent his apologies and thus there was no Councillors report.

3. Andrew McLuskey sent in a written report about the gravel as he was unable to attend the meeting. “ The County Council has recently finalised a Minerals and Waste Development Framework for Surrey. This important document is based on seven existing plans, including the much argued over Minerals Core Strategy and the Aggregates Development Plan. If all this remains unchanged then we shall have set in stone proposals which could have a highly damaging effect on our local ecology. It is to be hoped – late in the day though it is – that our new County Councillors will challenge what is on the Framework and seek to rectify some grievous mistakes.

4. The Chair reported that all had gone well at the tree planting in memory of Jack Pinkerton and that a kind letter had been printed in the latest copy of the Villager from Mrs Pinkerton expressing her thanks to the residents.

5. Nicholas Murphy gave a briefing on the state of the roads, especially Hithermoor road which in parts is in a very poor state. This matter is being looked into by SMRA and will be brought to the attention of the new County Councillor Robert Evans.

6. The Chair explained what role the Local Focus Forum (LFF) played with regard to the Village. This is a body set up by Heathrow plc to liaise with local Villages and bodies around the Airport. They give information about what is happening and dealt with concerns. Stanwell Moor is represented on the body by our Chair.

7. Under AOB the Chair stated that the Village would be having a stall at the Stanwell Fair and asked for any donations to be sold. Robert Evans our new County Councillor had arrived during the meeting and was introduced and he stated that he intended to work had for the interests of Stanwell Moor as he felt that it was a Village that was often overlooked. He will attend a future meeting at which he will be able to give more information on the role he sees he can play and to answer questions. The Meeting ended at 9:25pm



Minutes of meeting Tuesday 5th March.

1. Mr Dev who is looking into the possibility of starting a pharmacy in Stanwell Moor spoke regarding the process of collecting prescriptions and delivering to homes. He left forms to be filled in and would try to get some put into T5 and the Post Office for those interested.


2. Surrey County Cllr Victor Agawal spoke about road surfaces and how SCC Highways were looking at using a new surfacing Super Flex in the boroughs,  he was not sure if it would be used in this area.

Gravel Extraction SCC is failing in their enforcement as there are only 2 officers and thus not much enforcement actually happens.

Schools. If parents still have not heard responses regarding their choice of schools they should contact Victor with the information.

Announced that he was sorry to be resigning as Councillor after 15 years, but that he would still attend SMRA meetings to give help, advice and support.


3. John Lear spoke re Bretts bunds due to be erected as " protection "  from noise and dust when their crusher is installed. They are 9mtrs high and not 6mtrs high as stated.


4. Andrew McClusky spoke about gravel. Bretts are supposedly here until 2018 and Morris Fertilizers forever. King George V1 due to be dug out and possibly going to be processed at Bretts.


5. Jack Pinkerton RIP tree. An oak tree is to be purchased and planted in the recreation ground in his memory. Jackie Taylor of SBC street scene has been informed of our intentions, Kevin Flurry said Jean Pinkerton, Jacks widow would like to be involved in the proceedings and this was agreed.


6. Stanwell on the Moor. This caused some debate with 50 residents attending who were not in favour of the proposal. The overall feeling of the group was opposed to any change, however as was explained they were but a small group of residents and the consultation would go ahead to seek the view of the whole community.


7. Wiggins planning application was discussed as many did not know what it was about. The full exetnt of the works and what they will house is not known. SBC having been asked by residents has not been able to respond with any concrete answers.


8. One residents asked for a copy of the SMRA constitution, which he was given. He mentioned that he had requested one a while ago and was told then that they were always available at the meetings.



The meeting ended at 21.30.




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